3 Issues a Neck Lift Can Help Resolve

When it comes to aging, we often forget about the neck. However, aging, genetics, stress, and even environmental issues can cause sagging, wrinkling skin around the lower face, jawline, and neck that can make you appear significantly older.

However, neck lifts can help you feel and look younger by addressing certain aspects of aging. During your consultation with Dr. Meredith Vandegrift, she will explain the important elements of a neck lift, but until then, here are a few issues neck lift can help you resolve.

What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lifts, also called lower rhytidectomy, are a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of the neck, jawline, and area beneath the chin. Each neck lift is customized to suit the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each individual patient, including addressing:

  • Muscle and skin laxity
  • Jawline definition
  • Double chin
  • Jowls
  • Loose skin and wrinkles in the neck
  • Banding on the neck

Ditch the Double Chin

For some patients with submental fullness, a neck lift offers the perfect solution to eliminating the fatty tissue, tightening the skin, and sculpting the jawline. Often, losing weight does not affect the appearance of double chins. However, a neck lift can help eliminate submental fat to create a stronger jawline and a more youthful look.

Skip the Sagging Skin

Turkey neck, or loose, sagging skin on the neck and jawline, is one of the most common signs of aging. As we age, collagen and elastin levels significantly decrease and result in loose, sagging facial skin. With a neck lift, eliminating significantly sagging skin is typically the best option to restore a youthful profile.

Get the Jump on Jowls

When excess fat and sagging skin come together in the neck area, they form jowls, which make the jawline look heavy and disappear. Due to skin laxity that accompanies jowls, losing weight will not reduce sagging skin, but it may help eliminate some of the fatty tissue. Neck lifts, however, help remove the fat and eliminate the lax skin to sculpt stronger, more defined jawlines.

Am I a Neck Lift Candidate?

Typically, neck lifts are best for patients who are generally healthy and have moderate to severe aging in the neck area. During your private consultation with Dr. Vandergrift, she will determine whether a neck lift will achieve your aesthetic goals safely and effectively.

Typically, neck lift candidates should:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Be non-smokers or willing to quit prior to surgery
  • Have no medical conditions that impair healing
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook

Meredith Vandegrift, MD—Your Long Island Neck Lift Expert

Choosing the right provider is the first step to ensuring a healthy recovery and an optimal outcome from your neck lift. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Meredith Vandegrift will be happy to partner with you throughout every step of your facial rejuvenation journey.  

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