RejuVAnate Vaginal Rejuvenation With Dr. Meredith Vandegrift

The signs of aging can impact every area of your skin and tissues, including your most private areas. Many factors can change these delicate tissues, including vaginal childbirth, significant weight fluctuations, menopause, or trauma. These life events can diminish vaginal health, affecting your overall well-being. RejuVAnate laser vaginal rejuvenation reduces concerns like dryness, irritation, laxity, and urinary incontinence for improved intimate health.

To achieve dramatic results, you need to choose a knowledgeable, compassionate provider. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Meredith Vandegrift can help you attain relief and send your confidence to new heights.

Vandegrift Plastic Surgery is in Huntington, NY, and we proudly serve patients from all over Long Island and New York City. To learn more about RejuVAnate in Long Island, contact us today or call (631) 935-0303 to schedule your consultation today!

What Is RejuVAnate?

Aging  mucosa and supporting  structures in and around the vagina – often occurring in conjunction with menopause – can cause many health issues, leading to embarrassing urinary incontinence and painful intercourse that is uncomfortable for both partners. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can successfully solve these problems.

RejuVAnate is a CO2 laser treatment to improve the signs of aging in the vagina and the surrounding areas. It works by stimulating collagen growth to strengthen and tighten tissues. By removing thin layers of mucosa , RejuVAnate helps restore consistent tone and texture in the vaginal region.

During a RejuVAnate treatment, the laser resurfaces the area by delivering short bursts of energy into the tissues of the vaginal opening and vaginal walls. The heat energy encourages collagen production, increases muscle tone, and can address:

  • Dryness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Laxity
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Painful intercourse

For most patients, a series of three RejuVAnate treatments scheduled every four to six weeks may significantly improve vaginal health and reduce painful intercourse, dryness, itching, and urinary incontinence. Each RejuVAnate treatment lasts only a few minutes and requires minimal downtime. Most patients can resume many typical activities immediately following treatment.

What Are the Benefits of RejuVAnate?

Over time, childbirth, aging, and other natural causes can naturally change the vagina, leading to dryness, itching, burning, painful intercourse, atrophy, and urinary incontinence. RejuVAnate’s advanced laser technology can reverse many of these conditions, improving your overall health and quality of life.

In performing the RejuVAnate treatment, we aim to improve intimate health with minimal downtime and disruption to your daily schedule. This procedure can benefit women who are peri- or post-menopausal or postpartum.

By strengthening the vaginal tissues, RejuVAnate can also:

  • Reduce urinary incontinence and laxity
  • Improve sexual sensation and lubrication, reducing discomfort
  • Restore the vaginal wall
  • Enhance labial appearance
  • Increase quality of life

The optimal time to begin exploring treatments is when vaginal laxity is in its earliest stages and your symptoms are mild. Don’t wait to contact us or call (631) 935-0303 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Vandegrift, so you can start enjoying your results and living your best life sooner.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for RejuVAnate?

With minimal downtime, RejuVAnate vaginal rejuvenation treatments are customizable, safe, and effective for women who have started to experience the signs of aging in the vaginal area. RejuVAnate can restore urinary continence, alleviate discomfort due to dryness, improve your intimate relationships, and allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Candidates for RejuVAnate should:

  • Be generally healthy
  • Be non-smokers
  • Have an up-to-date Pap smear within the last six months
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have no serious blood clotting problems
  • Not be on anti-coagulant therapy
  • Not have an impaired immune system or conditions that slow healing
  • Not be diabetic
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook
  • Understand the risks of the procedure

Choosing Dr. Vandegrift for RejuVAnate

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Vandegrift specializes in breast and body rejuvenation procedures and offers a full complement of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. With a special interest and expertise in skin rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Vandegrift continually follows the latest trends and offers effective treatments, making her your choice as the best RejuVAnate provider in Long Island, NY.

With a focus on your overall intimate health, Dr. Vandegrift offers a comprehensive approach to help you feel your absolute best. She will take time to explain each step in the RejuVAnate process.

Meet Dr. Meredith Vandegrift

Dr. Meredith Vandegrift is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in breast and body rejuvenation that restores a youthful, supple appearance after pregnancy or weight loss.

While offering a full complement of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures including breast lift, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation, and oncoplastic breast reduction, Dr. Vandegrift also has a special interest and expertise in both invasive and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. With a focus on keeping your look natural, she provides a holistic approach to each patient, specifically tailoring a treatment regimen that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best.

What Can I Expect During RejuVAnate?

To deliver the best results, Dr. Vandegrift customizes all RejuVAnate laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments. However, here are some general steps to expect.

In the weeks leading up to your RejuVAnate laser vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Vandegrift may recommend that you:

  • Schedule your appointment when you will not be on your period.
  • Get a Pap smear done if you have not had one within the last six months.
  • Avoid supplements containing fish oil, gingko, garlic, vitamin A, or vitamin E for two weeks.
  • Stay fully hydrated and moisturize your skin twice a day.
  • Avoid over-the-counter medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, for a week.
  • Do not drink any alcohol for at least 48 hours.
  • Fully shave your pubic hair.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds for four weeks.

Arrive at your appointment with clean skin. Do not apply lotions, creams, or powders.

Once you arrive, our friendly team will welcome you. Dr. Vandegrift will make sure you are comfortable and answer any last questions before starting.

RejuVAnate is painless and requires no anesthetic. Typically, a RejuVAnate vaginal rejuvenation appointment lasts one hour; however, the treatment itself only takes a few minutes. During your appointment, Dr. Vandegrift places the RejuVAnate device onto the vaginal canal  to deliver laser energy.

Since RejuVAnate vaginal laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, you can immediately return home and resume most of your typical daily activities. However, you must abstain from all sexual activity, strenuous exercises, or tampon use for a week afterward.

Following treatment, you may experience temporary urinary urgency or difficulty. Some spotting may occur. For one to two days, you might have a pink  watery discharge.

Schedule Your RejuVAnate Consultation Today

As a board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Vandegrift understands how vaginal health issues can affect your self-esteem, intimate relationships, and confidence. If you’ve started noticing any symptoms of dryness, discomfort, or urinary incontinence, don’t wait to schedule your confidential RejuVAnate consultation at Vandegrift Plastic Surgery.

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Long Island, NY, RejuVAnate FAQs

RejuVAnate is a highly customizable treatment, so your price will depend on your unique needs and the number of sessions you require. Following your consultation with Dr. Vandegrift, you will receive a breakdown of the cost of your RejuVAnate treatment.

Some insurance providers cover the cost of vaginal rejuvenation. Contact your insurer for details.

While some women report improvement  within a week after their first procedure, a series of at least three treatments scheduled four to six weeks apart produces the best results. In approximately two months after your final appointment, you should notice improvements in vaginal tightness and strength.

You might wish to schedule annual or semi-annual maintenance appointments every six to 12 months.

Following each RejuVAnate vaginal rejuvenation appointment, it’s best to avoid strenuous workouts for at least 72 hours. Be sure to verify all exercise restrictions with Dr. Vandegrift.

Following RejuVAnate vaginal rejuvenation treatment, please do not have sex for at least a week. During this time, you also should not use tampons.