Put on Your Best Face for Summer with a Liquid Facelift

Summer skin should be bright, beautiful, and glowing. During the summer, a full face of makeup can be more challenging than during the winter months. Water sports and outdoor activities require a pared-down makeup look.

Less makeup can mean that wrinkles and sagging are more visible. Is your skin ready for summer?

Smooth wrinkles and refresh your look with a liquid facelift by Dr. Vandegrift. Call our office to learn more or to schedule your first treatment: (631) 935-0303.

What Is a Liquid Facelift?

Skip the incisions of a facelift and enjoy a refreshed appearance with a liquid facelift. A non-surgical alternative to facial surgery, a liquid facelift uses dermal fillers and Botox to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

Cosmetic injectables can address many facial concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, creases, facial volume loss, lack of defined contours, and hollows. Injectables are non-surgical and require significantly less downtime than a facelift or brow lift.

A liquid facelift is ideal for patients that want to quickly refresh their appearance for summer.

What Treatments Are Used in a Liquid Facelift?

Your pre-summer liquid facelift will be customized to your skin’s needs. Dr. Vandegrift uses a variety of different dermal fillers and other injectables like Botox and Dysport in her liquid facelift.

Will I Miss Summer Fun While I Recover?

Summer is filled with pool parties, vacations, and barbeques. No one wants to miss out on fun while recovering from an aesthetic treatment. With a liquid facelift, you won’t have to.

No downtime is needed after a liquid facelift. Patients recover quickly, often without any missed work or fun. Side effects are typically minimal and may include redness, swelling, or bruising. These side effects are temporary and usually fade within a few days.

Will I See Results Before Summer?

Summer is almost here, but you still have time to refresh your look with a non-surgical facelift. Most patients see early results right after treatment. As you heal and treatments take full effect, these early results will continue to refine and improve.

Your face should be summer-ready within 1-2 weeks of treatment. Schedule your liquid facelift now and enjoy your results all season long.

How Long Will My Liquid Facelift Results Last?

With a non-surgical facelift, you’ll enjoy your results through the summer and beyond. Results typically last 4-6 months.

To ensure your skin always looks its best, we can create a customized treatment schedule. With maintenance injections every few months, your skin can always look refreshed.

Schedule Your Liquid Facelift with Dr. Vandegrift

We predict this summer will be hot (and we aren’t talking about the weather). With our liquid facelift, your skin will look radiant at pool parties, BBQs, and lazy days in the sun. Let’s get your skin ready for summer. To schedule your summertime liquid facelift with Dr. Vandegrift, contact our Long Island plastic surgery office. We look forward to seeing you soon!