Tips for Maintaining Your Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

After transforming your backside with a BBL, you want to keep your perfect curves looking their best.

If you’ve recently had a butt lift with Dr. Meredith Vandegrift, these tips will help you maintain your results. Contact us if you have any questions or if you need personalized advice about maintaining your BBL in Long Island, NY.

Follow Recovery Instructions

Beautiful and natural-looking Brazilian butt lift results start in the operating room, but surgery is only part of the equation. What you do when you leave our surgery center will impact the quality of your results.

Transferred fat is highly sensitive after surgery. Until the fat has established a blood supply and integrated into your butt tissues, it does not take much to damage or destroy it. During recovery, Dr. Vandegrift asks patients to avoid sitting directly on their buttocks or lying on their backs for about two weeks. This waiting period helps the transferred fat stabilize, minimizing losses.

Other things you can do during recovery to ensure your results look their best include:

  • Wearing your compression garments as instructed
  • Not smoking or using nicotine products
  • Resting so your body can heal

Dr. Vandegrift will provide detailed recovery instructions, which you should carefully follow to maximize your BBL results.

Stabilize Your Weight

A Brazilian butt lift uses transferred fat to enhance and shape the buttocks. Just like the fat everywhere else on your body. If you gain weight, the fat cells will grow, and if you lose weight, they will shrink. To keep your BBL results consistent, Dr. Vandegrift recommends maintaining a stable weight with a consistent nutrition and workout regimen.

Keep up With Exercise

A BBL moves and repositions fat, but it cannot tone and sculpt like exercise can. Complement your Brazilian butt lift results with lower-body shaping moves like lunges and squats.

Enhance and Maintain

If cared for properly, a Brazilian butt lift can last for many years. Along the way, you may want to consider other plastic surgery treatments with Dr. Vandegrift to maintain and enhance your results. Some of our favorite complements for a BBL include the following.

  • Breast augmentation: Balance your body with breast augmentation. Adding implants to your breasts can enhance their shape and definition. Many women find their enhanced buttocks look even better when paired with fuller breasts.
  • Fat grafting: If you decide you need more volume in your buttocks, you can have another fat grafting procedure shortly after surgery or many years later.
  • Tummy tuck: If you dream of hourglass curves, you may benefit from a tummy tuck. A BBL gives the buttocks volume and shape, while a tummy tuck can create a smaller, tighter waistline. Many women choose to include a tummy tuck and BBL in their mommy makeover.

The outcome of your BBL should last a long time, and combining it with additional procedures can extend and enhance your results even more.

Learn About the Long Island BBL

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