What Can I Do to Create a Balanced Facial Profile?

Beauty is born in balance. When a face is properly balanced, its features work together to create harmony. No one feature is more noticeable than the others. From the forehead to the chin, each feature enhances those around it.

Harmony is especially important for the appearance of the profile. Create better harmony and balance in your facial profile with these enhancements.

Address Your Double Chin

A double chin is a surefire way to disrupt facial balance. Extra fat under the chin adds volume to the lower face and changes its proportions.

Liposuction is an effective option for treating a double chin. During liposuction, extra fat is removed from under the chin through a small tube, called a cannula. Liposuction works best when patients have tight, elastic skin. If you have lax or sagging skin under the chin, Dr. Vandegrift may recommend a procedure like a facelift or a neck lift to tighten and remove this extra skin.

Smooth and Tighten the Neck

The neck is the pedestal on which the face sits. A smooth and youthful neck can complement your facial appearance, while wrinkles and sagging skin can instantly age the face. While many patients are diligent about caring for the skin on the face, the neck area is often neglected, resulting in early signs of aging in this important area.

A neck lift can improve your profile by tightening and smoothing the neck area. It can also address jowls or a double chin.

Create Definition with Dermal Fillers

A balanced facial profile relies on key facial features providing definition and structure to the face. These key areas include the nose, cheeks, and chin. When one of these facial features lacks definition, it can make other features more noticeable, and the face may appear unbalanced.

Fortunately, surgery isn’t the only way to create definition and improve facial proportions. Dermal filler can be used in other areas of the face to create definition, including the cheeks, brows, chin, and jawline. Pairing fillers with Botox® for a non-surgical facelift is an excellent option that can provide you with a full-face rejuvenation. Patients may also choose a non-surgical rhinoplasty, which can instantly create definition in the nose area by building up the bridge, addressing asymmetry, and creating attractive contours.

Balance Your Profile with Dr. Vandegrift

Is your profile out of balance? Dr. Vandegrift can help you create a more harmonious facial appearance.

Dr. Vandegrift works with each patient to understand their goals and create a treatment plan to optimize natural beauty. Often, a few subtle enhancements to one or two areas of the face can dramatically improve its overall appearance. As patients make these enhancements, they feel more confident.

If you would like to improve the balance of your face, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vandegrift and explore your treatment options. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Vandegrift can recommend treatment options to create definition and balance the appearance of the face and body. Request a consultation with Dr. Vandegrift online or call Vandegrift Plastic Surgery in Long Island at (631) 935-0303 today!