Should You Get Botox or Fillers? 5 Things to Consider

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your appearance, turn to cosmetic injectables. With a quick 15-minute treatment, injectables can refresh your appearance without surgery or downtime. Botox and fillers are the ultimate quick fix and some of the most popular non-surgical treatments Dr. Vandegrift offers. 

Botox or fillers? Which one is right for you? Consider these five factors as you make your decision.

1. What Are Your Treatment Goals?

When considering a cosmetic treatment, the first question you should always ask yourself is, “What are my goals?” What do you hope to achieve from treatment?

If you want to look younger when you look in the mirror, both Botox and fillers can be an effective choice. Botox is ideal for expression lines and wrinkles, while fillers are better suited for adding facial volume, recreating youthful contours, or augmenting the lips.

2. When Do You Need Results?

Botox and fillers work quickly, making both treatment options ideal for a last-minute change to your appearance. Patients typically see results from a filler treatment immediately while Botox can take a few days to take effect.

Although Botox and fillers work quickly, Dr. Vandegrift recommends scheduling your injectable treatments a few weeks before important events. Mild swelling, redness, or bruising are common right after treatment. A little healing time will ensure you look your best for that hot date, big award, or reunion.

3. Why Choose? Botox and Fillers Can Be Paired Together

You don’t have to choose between Botox and fillers. Many patients get both. Pairing Botox and fillers together can refresh the entire face, often creating results that almost rival a surgical procedure. A non-surgical facelift using Botox and fillers can delay the need for surgical treatments like a facelift or brow lift by addressing early signs of aging before they become more advanced.

4. Are Injectables What You Need? Sometimes Surgery Is Better

Botox and fillers are popular and effective, but non-surgical options aren’t always the best approach. For significant facial sagging or advanced aging, surgical treatment may be needed to achieve your desired results.

Fillers and Botox can address superficial aging, but only surgery can remove loose skin and tighten underlying facial tissues. Surgery offers longer-lasting results than Botox or fillers.

5. Don’t Forget About Maintenance

If you’re thinking about Botox or dermal fillers, maintenance is important. Results from these treatments are temporary. To maintain your new look, you’ll need to visit Dr. Vandegrift every few months for reinjection.

Botox results typically last 3-6 months. Dermal fillers last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the treatment selected. Dr. Vandegrift will create a treatment schedule with you so you can always look your best.

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