Does a Liquid Facelift Have a Recovery Time?

When you aren’t ready for a facelift but still need a refresh, turn to a liquid facelift. This procedure uses injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators (like Botox and Dysport) to smooth wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance.

A liquid facelift is much less invasive than surgery. The treatment is non-surgical and uses injectables to refresh the skin’s appearance. You’ll enjoy a fresh new look without surgery, incisions, or anesthesia.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a facelift in Long Island, a liquid facelift may be right for you.

What Happens During a Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment?

A liquid facelift is a quick refresh for your appearance. Dr. Vandegrift uses injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators to smooth wrinkles and restore youthful facial contours.

Here’s what to expect from your first liquid facelift:

  • Consultation – You’ll meet with Dr. Vandegrift before your injections to talk about your goals. What do you hope to look like after treatment? We’ll also talk about your health and medical history to make sure this treatment is the right fit for you.
  • Cleanse – The skin is carefully cleansed before treatment to ensure a safe treatment.
  • Injections – Patients receive several quick injections to key areas of the face. This part of the process is quick, usually lasting less than 20 minutes.

You can leave our office shortly after your injections and immediately return to your regular daily schedule.

What’s Recovery Like After a Long Island Liquid Facelift?

Get back to life quickly with our non-surgical facelift. This treatment offers many perks over more invasive surgical procedures.

  • No downtime – You can return to work and other daily activities almost immediately.
  • Minimal activity restrictions – Dr. Vandegrift may ask you to skip the gym for a few days and to remain upright for a few hours. Otherwise, activity restrictions are minimal and shouldn’t interfere with your life.
  • Few side effects – Side effects are minimal after a liquid facelift. Redness and bruising are typical but fade within days of treatment and are easily covered with makeup as you heal.

Is a Non-Surgical Facelift as Effective as a Surgical Facelift?

Facelift surgery remains the gold-standard treatment for tightening loose skin and dramatically turning back the clock on your appearance. But that doesn’t mean that a liquid facelift doesn’t have a place in your beauty routine.

A liquid facelift is a perfect treatment for delaying surgery or extending the results of a surgical procedure. It can refresh your appearance in a matter of days without the need for a long recovery.

This treatment doesn’t replace the facelift, but it is an excellent alternative when you’re short on downtime or need results in a hurry. Non-surgical treatments like a liquid facelift work best on early to moderate signs of aging. Patients with advanced aging often achieve more benefits from a surgical procedure.

Schedule Your Liquid Facelift with Dr. Vandegrift

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